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Get the job done in Brazil with a video producer

Sometimes the client has a video project with some guidelines to be shot in Brazil or maybe just have an idea about a video that need to be done. In both situations we can help you by offering our video production services.

So instead of you traveling to Brazil to do it, we will take all the responsibilities of the shooting or of the entire video production process.

Preparation and execution of a shooting in Brazil


If you are worried about an upcoming shoot in Brazil, leave the work with us, our video producer will organize everything for you by scheduling, contacting people, forming crew, carrying out the shoot in the field, and make sure that the content and the footage are up to the standards.

Fast internet to upload footage on time

In São Paulo we count with very good internet of optical-fiber cable.  So if you have urgency on receiving the video footage, besides resolve the shooting, we guarantee that the footage will be delivered on time.

Leave with us the entire video production process

Our work as video producer can be a little more extensive and starts with the client briefing and creative ideas on how to produce their video.


The video can be for a website, social media or endless applications. We assume all tasks of it and work under your supervision to achieve the expected result, from the beginning to the post production process we will coordinate each stage of it until the video is approved and delivered.

Video producer in Brazil
Blackmagic camera filming a documentary interview. (Photo by Douglas B. Silva)

Fixer and production services
we provide in Brazil


Good fixers are able to connect you with the local culture, people and crew, not only being a translator but someone who understands your needs, and your story. They also solve issues of permissions, transport, security and others...  Read more


With a diversity of natural, urban and unique landscapes, there is no doubt, Brazil is a land blessed by God. We'll find the perfect place for your video production, or we'll research the location where your story take place... Read more


We keep a close eye on the stories and news across the country. We can support your project throughout research for specific subjects, people, casting, or locations at anywhere in Brazil. We can also contribute with story ideas and others... Read more


For some shootings is required the registration at the ANCINE (Brazil film agency), which can be done through a local production company. We have all credential to offer this service... Read more


For some video shoots in Brazil only  a qualified cameraman is needed to execute your shoot or follow you in field, we have bilingual professionals with the expertise to offer a complete service, especially for digital content and news features... Read more


From the beginning to the wrap, we offer services of logistics, location scouting, permits, casting, crew, and others. Be it a small or a big production,  corporate videos documentaries, commercials, photo shoot, reality shows...
See here these services 


We find the right crew for your project (directors, producers, DPs, camera operators, editors, sound mixers, and many others). We can also rent from our partners all the necessary equipments to shoot the most demanding film and TV productions... Read more


With technologies for live streaming and a skilled team, we enable you to monitor and remotely direct your project here in Brazil. We also offer the service of live streaming of an event, a meeting and others... Read more

Send questions about our fixer services in Brazil
Fishermen being filmed in Brazil. Photo by Otávio Pacheco.

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Contact info:


Phone (also WhatsApp): +55 11 95369 1836 

Office in São Paulo: Avenida 9 de julho, 3183, CEP 01407-000,  Jardins.

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