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Gruta que Chora, Ubatuba - a perfect film location in Brazil

Gruta que chora, Ubatuba, Brazil

Location scouting and permits for filming in Brazil

With an extensive territory, Brazil has a huge diversity of natural and urban landscapes, places and locations that can suit your project, whether it is a feature film or commercial, a music video or a photo shoot.

This diversity of places has also been shaped by the diversity of people, whose culture, history and traditions make each of these places unique.

Our Location scouting service 

Based on your brief, we will work to find the best and most suitable location for your project. In this work, we will first research all possible locations, costs and permits, and also the logistics involved. In a second step, our technical visit to the location will bring all the technical details for the production planning and shooting.

Our job can also be just to visit and recognize the place where your story will take place. Maybe you already have an idea and want to know more about the permit or just want to choose the perfect spot for a scene. We do this reconnaissance work and bring you all information needed.

Permits to film: when you need it and when you don't

The answer to this question can be a bit complex. Let's try to simplify it. Normally, in the streets, squares, beaches or open public areas of Brazilian cities no formal authorization is required, unless you are filming a medium or large production, such as an advertisement, a feature film, a music video or other production that causes impact on the location or on people and traffic.

Inside public parks, subways, stations, museums, airports or places like stadiums or big shopping centers, you always need a formal permission to film. Normally it is necessary to ask for permission at least 5 working days before filming. Usually the most visited places charge some fee for filming. It always depending of negotiation and the kind of production. 

Other places such small stores, restaurants or bars usually needs permissions, but as these places are private, the permit process can sometimes be easier and more informal. It's not recommended, but if you haven't asked for permission in advance, your fixer can try to get it at the time of filming.

Filming in neighborhoods like favelas

Neighborhoods like favelas in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro or other cities are public areas as other districts are, but it is highly recommended to contact local leaders in advance and clarify the nature of your work, even if it is just a small production or journalistic piece.  Once the local understand the intention of your work, probably you won't have problems and your team will be safe to work with peace of mind.

Drone filming needs special attention to local consent, especially in areas where drug trafficking is present, besides of course the exigencies from the Brazilian legislation about it.

ANCINE permit

Also be aware that some international productions need to be registered at the ANCINE (Brazilian Cinema Agency). Click here to read about it.

Filming in the amazon forest with Brazil Base team_


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