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Indigenous Tribe in the Amazon; Filmed by Brazil Base Productions team

Kyikatejê-gavião indigenous tribe, Pará, Brazil; Photo by Magno Barros

Research, ideas and development of your story in Brazil


We conduct research for specific locations, themes, and people that have awakened their interest for a possible news and feature story, documentary or even for some branded content and commercial video.

Find good protagonists

We find the right people, experts or personalities and contact them to check availability and conditions for the shooting. If necessary, we hire local people from the communities or regions to assist in the research and collect as much information is required.

Having a good protagonist is one of the vital steps in bringing the story to life. In both fiction and documentary, good protagonists have unique stories and move the audience by their originality and commitment.  We know how important this work is, which is why we strive to offer this service with commitment and quality. 

Partnership to develop stories

We can also be your partner and offer to you ideas for stories. We keep a close eye on what is happening in Brazil, and based on your interests we can research and suggest ideas and story lines for documentaries and feature stories.

Production services we offer in Brazil
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Filming in the amazon forest with Brazil Base team_


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