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Dona Marta viewpoint, Rio de Janeiro - Behind the scens of film documentary produced by Brazil Base Productions

Dona Marta viewpoint, Rio de Janeiro,Brazil

ANCINE Permits for Filming in Brazil and Exhibition


What is the ANCINE?


The ANCINE (Agência Nacional de Cinema) is the Brazilian film agency that regulates the economic and legal aspects of the Brazilian audiovisual industry.

Foreign production companies that intend to film a project in Brazil need to get a 
permit from the ANCINE before traveling to Brazil. The ANCINE registration/permit is also used as a prior authorization letter to obtain the business visa at the Brazilian embassy or consulate, for those countries that do not have a business visa waiver agreement. Works with a journalistic nature are exempt from this requirement.

The Ancine also takes care of the registration and licensing of foreign works to be exhibited in Brazil.

How to get the ANCINE permit for filming in Brazil?


To start the process is necessary to have a local partner. Only Brazilian production companies registered at the ANCINE can carry out this procedure for you. The production company will be responsible for the registration, and some documents should be added to the process:

1) a contract between the foreign production company and the Brazilian production company; (if you do it with us, our partnership will be restricted to providing the contracted services, without any influence or rights over the material produced in Brazil);

2) A provisional shooting plan, with the indication of dates and locations where the work will take place;

3) And also a copy of the identification sheets from the passport of each foreign professional.


* It is important to keep in mind the legal deadline to obtain this registration, which is at minimum 5 working days.

Registration of foreign audiovisual works and licensing for exhibition in Brazil

Foreign advertising work and non-advertising works (such as films and TV series) must comply with specific Brazilian regulations regarding registration, licensing, and payment of Condecine (Contribution for the Development of the National Film Industry) for exhibition within Brazilian territory.

Each type of work has different rules and requirements from Ancine. Our expertise and knowledge of these processes will facilitate your job and ensure compliance with Brazilian laws.


Our Services include specialized consultancy offering you personalized guidance from the beginning to the completion of the registration process.

Get in touch to know more

Here at Brazil Base Productions, we are familiar with these procedures and others from Ancine. If you have any questions, please get in touch. It will be a pleasure to help you. 

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