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ANCINE registration

The ANCINE (Agência Nacional de Cinemais the Brazilian film agency that regulates economic and legal aspects of the Brazilian audiovisual industry.

When foreign production companies intend to shooting in Brazil, they must register the production in this agency. But not all productions need to register. Works with journalistic nature are exempt from this requirement.

To get this register, you must find a local partner. Only Brazilian production companies registered at the ANCINE can carry out this procedure, with the inclusion of the following documents:

1) a contract between the foreign production company and the Brazilian production company; (if you do it with us, our partnership will be restricted to providing the contracted services, without any influence or rights over the material produced in Brazil);

2) A provisional shooting plan, with the indication of dates and locations where the work will take place;

3) And also a copy of the identification sheets from the passport of each foreign professional.


It is important to be aware of the legal deadlines for obtaining this registration, which is usually 5 working days to get it.

Camera filming a documentary interview in north of Brazil. (Photo by Douglas B. Silva)

Fixer and production services
we provide in Brazil


Good fixers are able to connect you with the local culture, people and crew, not only being a translator but someone who understands your needs, and your story. They also solve issues of permissions, transport, security and others...  Read more


A video producer will help you not only with filming, but also with the planning, content, execution and delivery of the footage or even be responsible for the entire process of producing a video... Read more


We keep a close eye on the stories and news across the country. We can support your project throughout research for specific subjects, people, casting, or locations at anywhere in Brazil. We can also contribute with story ideas and others... Read more


With technologies for live streaming and a skilled team, we enable you to monitor and remotely direct your project here in Brazil. We also offer the service of live streaming of an event, a meeting and others... Read more


For some video shoots in Brazil only  a qualified cameraman is needed to execute your shoot or follow you in field, we have bilingual professionals with the expertise to offer a complete service, especially for digital content and news features... Read more


From the beginning to the wrap, we offer services of logistics, location scouting, permits, casting, crew, and others. Be it a small or a big production,  corporate videos documentaries, commercials, photo shoot, reality shows...
See here these services 


With a diversity of natural, urban and unique landscapes, there is no doubt, Brazil is a land blessed by God. We'll find the perfect place for your video production, or we'll research the location where your story take place... Read more


We find the right crew for your project (directors, producers, DPs, camera operators, editors, sound mixers, and many others). We can also rent from our partners all the necessary equipments to shoot the most demanding film and TV productions... Read more

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Fishermen being filmed in Brazil. Photo by Otávio Pacheco.

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