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Drone Footage by Anderson Nascimento

Filming with drones in Brazil


How to legally register and fly your drone in Brazil

To regularly fly in Brazil with your drone brought from abroad, you must first register it with DECEA (Brazilian air traffic control department). For this, you will need some documents and information, and a person responsible in Brazil for registering the aircraft. The pilot can even be a foreign person, but all operations involved with this drone will be the responsibility of a person with CPF (Brazilian social number) who registered the aircraft in Brazil. It will also be necessary to take out mandatory insurance.

All this just to gain access to the system that issues the authorization to fly the drone in a specific area previously defined for a period of time.

The whole process of registering the drone can take more than a month to complete.  You, as a foreigner, can also rent a drone registered in Brazil and get the permission to fly using a Brazilian person registered at DECEA, that will be the responsible for the operation.

Drone filming services in Brazil


You can also hire trough us a team of professional freelancers with excellent drones used to shoot most video production demands. It will be much easier for you, all flights are regular and covered by insurance required by the Brazilian law. Some of the equipment we have available are Mavic Pro 3 Cine, Inspire 2, among others.

FPV Flights


Another type of drone shooting that we also can provide are the FPV (First person view) flights. Shoot flights that require specific drones and a lot of experience from the professional. They are solutions for long takes that need, at the same time, a surprising and unique perspective.

Drone flights with camera and cinema lens mounted

Generally used in projects for cinema or commercial films, these drones require a highly qualified team with a lot of experience in this segment. São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro have qualified teams and experts on the subject. We can provide all the support for obtaining the necessary licenses, hiring these drone professionals, and renting all the lenses and camera equipment involved in the operation.

Aerial Stock Footage


Although it is not our specialty, we do have some aerial images that can be negotiated for use in your video. Please contact us so that we can research and quote for you or even produce them on short terms.

Production services we offer in Brazil
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