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Behind the scens with a brazilian actor/model. Casting for a commercial, produced by Brazil Base Productions  in the city of São Paulo

Behind the scenes of a commercial film, shot in São Paulo

Find your casting in Brazil

Access to professional models and actors

Brazil's cities like São Paulo have a huge diversity of people. Through actors and model representatives or with the help of agencies experts on casting, we find that person profile that reflects well an idea that needs to be in tune with your project. Our job is to offer you great options for your project and to organize all the documentation related to the contracts.

Find a character for your documentary, a brand video, or a feature story

We are used to working with journalists and filmmakers looking for people in Brazil to be interviewed or to be protagonists in a real story. Our search for this person can be through the internet or by going into the field until we find the option that reflects well your theme, brand, or story.

We know how a good protagonist can make all the difference between a good film and a dull film. Count on us to find the right casting for your project and to do all the necessary research.

Clients' reviews of this service:

"Brazil Base Productions just helped us to produce a commercial in São Paulo, and were fantastic, transparent, affordable and helped us with everything, from casting to locations, and equipment sourcing. You can find just about everything you need but we traveled with our a cam package, and they helped us getting the customs forms taken care of as well."

Andrew Masi - Swng Productions | USA

Filming in the amazon forest with Brazil Base team_


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