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Ibirapuera, São Paulo, Brazil; Photo by Douglas B. Silva

Talents videographers to solve your shooting in Brazil


To make the preparation of a shooting quicker and easier, we rely on the work of bilingual professionals and freelancers videographers with their own equipment and with the experience to delivery a complete service. Sometimes, especially for digital content and small projects, a videographer can be an efficient choice to run the shooting or to accompany you in the field. 

Videographers and equipment appropriated for each project

Some projects require a more in-depth investigation of both the equipment to be used and the profile of the professional. In this case, we have a network of professionals with different portfolios and equipments, besides rental companies across Brazil capitals where we can find specific camera and lenses. 

Freelance videographers in Brazil's main cities

Besides our videographers in São Paulo, we also have a network of professionals in the main cities of Brazil. We can help you to find a freelance videographer in Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Manaus, Belo Horizonte, Porto Alegre and Recife.

Contacting us to find the right professional for your project can help you save time and money, and more importantly, you can avoid headaches and have the footage delivered on time with the required quality.

Ibirapuera, videographer in São Paulo, expert on video productions in Brazil

Clients reviews of this service:

"Although we had a very last-minute request, Brazil Base team were able to accommodate our filming needs. Moreover, they went the extra-mile to be sure that we got all the footage we needed and more. I can't recommend them enough."

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Filming in the amazon forest with Brazil Base team_


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