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Marco Zero - Recife, PE. A great spot for you filming in Brazil

Marco Zero - Recife, PE; Photo by Otávio Pacheco

Have the best filming experience in Brazil with our fixer services

One of the secrets for a great filming experience in a foreign country like Brazil is to have in your side a great fixer. Here at Brazil Base Productions, we are used to leading projects as video producers and working as fixer for journalists and foreign producers filming in Brazil. From Brazil`s big cities to remote places like the Amazon, we know details that will help you a lot.

Our differential as fixer in Brazil


A fixer's work is centered on the local organization of the production. He/she finds solutions to issues of logistics, crew and equipment, permits, location scouting, security, and other necessary demands. It also involves other important aspects that can make all the difference for your project.


Generally, good fixers have experience in producing and filming stories, so they know how important it is to pay attention to details and information that bring impact to the story. Sometimes, due to language or cultural barriers, the producer or journalist cannot fully understand what is happening on the set and may miss some important details. A proactive fixer helps the client to go further with their story.

Another distinguishing feature of a good professional is the capacity to keep working to get solutions even in the face of eventual adversities and at the same time, keeping a positive attitude, respecting people and being kind to them, which helps to have a good atmosphere work. We want to provide at the end a great filming experience and a well succeed result in your production.

Fixer in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Brazilian main cities

Our network of fixers extends to the main cities of Brazil - São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Recife, among others. We connect you with a professional fixer in the locality, making your shooting smoother and more efficient.

Get the job done with a video producer


Sometimes the client has a video project with some guidelines to be shot in Brazil or maybe just have an idea about a video that need to be done. In both situations we can help you by offering our video production services.

So instead of you traveling to Brazil to do it, we will take all the responsibilities of the shooting or of the entire video production process. We'll organize everything for you by scheduling, contacting people, forming crew, carrying out the shoot in the field, and make sure that the content and the footage are up to the standard and delivered on time.

Production services we offer in Brazil
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Filming in the amazon forest with Brazil Base team_


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