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Our film team producing a branded video in São Paulo with Sound Technician, DP, Producer, Director, Make up, Teleprompter and Gaffer.

Behind the scenes of branded video, shot in São Paulo

Qualified and bilingual film crew in Brazil


We can support your project hiring crew members for your project in Brazil. We organize the portfolio selection, the negotiation and communication with the team, and the freelance contract according to Brazilian law. We took care of all details, and the contract is signed by our production company with the respective talent. So you can be relaxed about it.

Hiring crew in Brazil 

São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are great options as a base for hiring professionals for film and TV productions, besides the fact these two cities, especially São Paulo, have large airports that offer daily flights to the whole country. These cities have a very wide range of qualified freelance professionals - DPs, camera operators, gaffers, sound technicians, producers, directors, editors, drone operators, wardrobe stylists, among many others. 

Bringing in team members from abroad

When bring team members from abroad, one of the first things to do is the registration of the film project at the ANCINE (Brazil film agency). This registration is related to foreign productions filmed in Brazil and also can be used to get an ANCINE's letter with a Visa recommendation for those countries that do not have a visa waiver agreement. Part of the process will demand besides other documents the identification sheets from the passport of each foreign crew member who comes to Brazil. We can also provide this service

Production services we offer in Brazil
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