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Cooke Anamorphic Arri S35. Cinema camera equipament provided by Brazil Base Productions

Commercial film in São Paulo. BTS by Pedro Bodick

Filming equipment rental in Brazil


São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are known for being the hubs of the Brazilian audiovisual industry. In these cities are located the biggest rental houses with an extensive catalog of cameras, lenses, lighting, power, batteries, and grip equipment to attend to the most film and TV productions demand.  Also, from these two cities, it is easier to organize all logistics and flights to other Brazilian regions. Of course, other Brazilian cities also have rental stores with video and lighting equipment. Each project depending on the region requires different planning to facilitate the equipment transport.

Experts to support you on the renting


Different places in the world have different ways of working. For this reason, when renting filming equipment in Brazil, it is always good to make sure that what you need is exactly what is being provided to your production. It is always good to count on the work of producers who are used to attending foreign crews from different countries and are familiar with these technical aspects. 

Our team will give you the support to find the exact equipment needed or equivalents, and at the end you will have a more efficient process saving time and money.

Bringing your own equipment to Brazil

If you are planning to bring your own equipment to Brazil click here to see the Brazilian customs exigencies for it.

Clients' reviews of this service:

"Brazil Base Productions just helped us to produce a commercial in São Paulo, and were fantastic, transparent, affordable and helped us with everything, from casting to locations, and equipment sourcing. You can find just about everything you need but we traveled with our a cam package, and they helped us getting the customs forms taken care of as well."

Andrew Masi - Swng Productions | USA

Production services we offer in Brazil
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