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Fixer and video production sevices in Brazil

Brazil Base Productions provides fixer and film production services for foreign producers, journalists, and companies shooting in Brazil.

Our main base is in São Paulo, but we attend the main cities of Brazil like Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Manaus, and Brasilia, among others, or even remote places like the Amazon or the Brazilian Pantanal.

We're not just middlemen; we're Brazilian producers who know the ins and outs of this country. We can handle all your production needs, including filming permits, Ancine registration, customs clearance, production work, content research, logistics, bilingual crew hiring, location scouting, and equipment rental for film, TV, and photo sessions.

Whether it's a commercial, documentary, brand video, feature film, or video interview, we're dedicated to meeting your project requirements. Don't hesitate to get in touch and experience our expertise firsthand.

Douglas B. Silva - Executive Producer of Brazil Base Productions

"The engagement we have to clients' productions is more than a must, it's our routine of work, it's the thing we love to do". Douglas B. Silva - Exec. Producer

Testimonial of our cliens


"They just helped us to produce a commercial in São Paulo, and were fantastic, transparent, affordable and helped us with everything, from casting to locations, and equipment sourcing. You can find just about everything you need but we traveled with our a cam package, and they helped us getting the customs forms taken care of as well."

Andrew Masi - Swng Productions | USA 

Showreel video of our videography and productions in Brazil
Our clients
Production services we offer in Brazil
Filming in the amazon forest with Brazil Base team_


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Phone : +55 11 95369 1836 

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