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Brazil will reinstate the need for a Visitor Visa for citizens of the U.S., Australia, and Canada.

Updated: Feb 6

Since 2019, American, Australian, and Canadian citizens traveling to Brazil for business or tourism could enter the country without the need for a Visitor Visa (VIVIS). However, the rules will change, and starting from April 10, 2024, Brazil will require the VIVIS for citizens of these countries. The good news for citizens of these countries is that this visa can be obtained electronically.

This change in visa policy is a result of Brazil going back to its reciprocity-based method for visa rules. As a result, citizens from countries that ask Brazilian travelers for visas will also need visas to come to Brazil.

Image of a Passport and Visas stamped

Professional from these countries traveling to film in Brazil needs the Visitor Visa

Travelers from these countries coming to Brazil for journalistic coverage, news reporting, or filming fall within this visa category. The Visitor Visas (VIVIS) are intended for individuals visiting Brazil for stays of up to 90 days, with no intention of establishing residence. All information regarding the application for the VIVIS (or the Electronic Visa) can be found on the federal government website:

For foreign film productions planning to shoot in Brazil, it is necessary to pre-register the production with ANCINE, the Brazilian film agency. Once registered, ANCINE will provide a letter acknowledging the filming project in Brazil to the relevant consulate where the visa application will be made. This requirement is waived only for works of a journalistic nature.

If you're working on a filming project in Brazil, feel free to reach out to us. We can provide more details about the necessary steps for obtaining the visa, and registering the production with ANCINE.


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